RV Shopping Part 2


This is the second of five parts of my RV Shopping post.



Some living areas in various RVs seem spacious at the expense of the bathroom.  Some half baths hardly seem worth the space they take up.  I am not a fan of the pivot doors.  You could say I haven’t missed many meals so when I see the pivot doors, I just say to myself…. “Yeah, right!”  Many motorhomes have a large rear bath.  The mid coach bathrooms seem to have an  efficient use of space, since the hallway becomes extra square footage for the room when you close off the doors on both ends.

I recall watching a YouTube video one day with the good folks of TECHNOMADIA and THERVGEEKS (these four people are like rock stars to me) discussing RVs with multiple slides.  Someone said that when designers have all those massive slides and the resulting square footage they tend to get lazy in the design and don’t maximize the space.  I have to agree and would prefer they use some of the space gained with slide outs to make the bathrooms larger.  I am not suggesting the bathroom be within the slide, just make it larger.  Make sure the unit you choose has enough counter space and electrical outlets to suit your needs.

Some of the Newmar models with a rear bathroom have a rear egress door.  I prefer for the second exit door to be on the drivers’ side of the coach.  This way, you have an exit on both sides.   That’s my personal preference.

Tall People have to concern themselves with the ceiling height of the shower.  Some rear bathrooms in Class A motorhomes have a step-up into the bathroom.  Most also have a small step-up into the shower too.  You lose a bit of ceiling height with each step up.   One notable exception to this is the new vaulted ceiling in the latest version of the Newmar Dutch Star.  It has a vaulted ceiling which helps a little bit.

I will concede that most half baths are for company and for when two people need to use the bathroom at the same time.  I get it.  For this reason, the half bath will usually be tiny.  It’s the full baths with no floor space that really turn me off.  If you step out of the shower, wouldn’t you like to have enough room to get dressed without having to leave the bathroom?  When shopping for an RV, you have to consider what compromises you can live with and the “must have” items for which you aren’t willing to budge.

One exciting new thing I have seen in the 2017 models is a few floor-plans with two full baths.  I haven’t seen many manufacturers Class A plans for 2017 but I know Newmar is offering a few floor-plans with two full baths.  I think they all had bunk beds so they are intended for RVers with a several passengers.  Two full baths certainly simplify life a bit but again, I am surprised at how small the mid coach bathroom is.  You can hardly turn around in it.  I will say the showers are huge in those models.  One I looked at had a shower size of 40” x 32” in both bathrooms.  That’s huge by any standard.   If other brands aren’t already offering this, they will soon.  They will have to in order to be competitive.

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