RV Shopping Part 3


Part 3


Some RV models regardless of class invite you to develop a crick in your neck to view the television. I can only imagine the contortions the engineers think we are willing to endure to do our binge watching on television. I really like the models with a televator that brings the tv up and down behind one of the sofas or the dining table. Newmar does this a good bit. It is sometimes paired with a fireplace, which is also a nice touch. Alas, I would prefer an ergonomic workspace. I don’t want to use the dining table for my work.

I’m not an engineer, so I don’t understand all the considerations of weight distribution. You can’t always tell where the weight is placed in relation to the axle from inside the coach. What seems like a no-brainer for furniture placement may cause some weight issues on the axle that limit the choices engineers can make.  Perhaps that’s why so many floorplans look like a cookie cutter design. I would love to hear an engineer’s perspective on that issue and plan to seek it out from some reputable manufacturers.  If I get any interesting replies, I will post it to the blog.

I recently looked at a model with a fireplace and a tv directly above it. It was beautiful. A sofa sat across from it and that’s nice, but the recliner sits next to the fireplace and tv not facing either the fireplace or the tv. What a waste. If there is a recliner in the room, you can bet that will be my seat of choice and I certainly want to be able to watch a ball game from the comfort of that chair. Sometimes I wonder what the designers are thinking.

As I am writing this post, I have my tv on in the background and I am listening to a show about RV shopping called “Going RV”. I love those kind of shows… go figure. Anyway, the model these folks are looking at is quite expensive and the large flat screen tv is in the kitchen. If you are in the living room and watching tv while someone is preparing a meal, they would constantly be walking in front of the tv. How can this be in a $400K price point.

The only time I want the television to be placed up high is in the bedroom. I don’t want to have to prop myself up to be able to view it. The designers tend to do a better job in the bedroom when it comes to television placement. The living room is hit or miss. You have to decide what’s important to make your viewing comfortable and enjoyable.

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