Montgomery Zoo – Tigers Pygmy Hippo Peacock

Montgomery Zoo SignI am a wildlife enthusiast and I love visiting various zoos as I travel. I have been a member of Zoo Atlanta on and off for a few years, but my favorite zoo to visit is not in my home state. My favorite is the Montgomery Zoo in Montgomery, Alabama.  It’s a wonderful zoo. It’s on level terrain for the most part and a delight for young and old.

I am partial to the big cats, so perhaps that’s why this zoo is so special to me.  They have lions, white and tawny tigers, Cheetahs, Canadian Lynx, Cougar (aka Puma or Mountain Lion),
Black as well as spotted Jaguar, and a few smaller varieties.

One of the reasons I love this zoo is the great tiger exhibit. The tigers often come right up to the viewing window and sit facing the window and pose for selfies with the zoo patrons. There is a waterfall in the exhibit as well as a nice stream and pool.

Here is a short clip of the Wonderful tiger exhibit.  Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.

The also have spider monkeys and Siamangs. The have striped Hyenas. If you are lucky enough to see a hyena in a zoo, it will usually be a spotted hyena. I have only seen striped
hyena at Montgomery. They have a nice size enclosure for most of the animals. Some animals are kept with other animals that not aggressive towards each other. I like that feature. Some enclosures give the illusion of being together when they are actually separated. The zebra are in a different space from the giraffe and hippo.  The Montgomery Zoo has two pygmy hippos and at the time of the picture below they had a baby giraffe. It has grown quite a bit by now.
Montgomery Zoo Misc_01

As you walk through the zoo, you have a good chance to see peacocks free-ranging throughout the front area of the zoo. That’s always a treat. I love the sound they make. Montgomery Zoo Peacocks_01

Another feature of this zoo is the sky lift ride (for a small fee) that goes directly over some
of the exhibits and you can get a different perspective and some good photos from the air.

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