Tbuzzard at Birmingham zoo aviary 2008

Tbuzzard at Birmingham zoo aviary 2008 with a friendly Lorikeet.

Hi! My nickname is Tbuzzard. I work on a team that administers security and supports multiple computer systems for an organization with approximately $1 billion in annual revenue.  My experience of thirty plus years stems from the operations side of the business where I started at the bottom and worked my way up to management.  I dabbled in the technical side because I knew the business end and knew how stuff was supposed to work.

About 15 years ago, while we were using a mainframe system, I was asked to switch to a more technical position and became a project manager to migrate us from an IBM mainframe to a web based system.  It was both challenging and rewarding.  It’s a good thing we had a team.  I have been on the technical (IT) side ever since then. These days, I develop SQL queries to troubleshoot business issues and to meet the reporting needs of our users.  I also have an active roll in billing our accounts receivable.  The day when I can consider an early retirement is fast approaching.

To stay sharp, I decided to take up web design and blogging.  I wanted to learn HTML again and add some CSS and PHP to that as well.  I remember my first website back in the 1990s.  It was on a site called GeoCities.  That was my first taste of HMTL.  I remember it fondly, but didn’t remember all the HTML tags.

For most of my life, I have traveled quite a bit.  I don’t recall any significant period without a trip somewhere.  My love of new places and the fun experiences I have enjoyed make me know for sure what I want next.  I want to buy an RV and see more of this great land.  You see, I have always loved being in the places I went to, but I always dreaded the long trip home to go back to work.  Well, that won’t be an issue forever, so I am laying the ground work now.

I have plenty to blog about, since I have multiple interests.  I love learning about the RV lifestyle, so I will talk about my research and some of the cool folks I have encountered while researching RVs.  Also, I have tons of pictures and stories to share from my journeys up to this point.  I also love movies and music and I love standup comedy, as long as they try to keep it PG.

I am a big sports fan.  I love football and I am a huge Nascar fan.  I grew up in the Atlanta area, so I’ve always had an affinity for the home teams but there are multiple football and Nascar teams I support.  I have planned much of my travel surrounding sporting events, so I have met a lot of cool people.  I have lots of stories to tell.  I also like to cook, so I may eventually share some of my favorite recipes. I hope you will bookmark this site or subscribe, etc. and check back often.

I am a wildlife enthusiast. I especially love the big cats and birds of prey. I love to visit zoos when I travel. Sometimes, the presence of a zoo will make me choose one destination over another. My favorite zoo is in Montgomery, Alabama. A few years ago, while on a road trip to North Carolina, I had the opportunity to take part in a cub encounter with a young tiger. She was about 25 lbs a the time, but believe me she had all her teeth. She was amazing. I will post some pictures from that one day. That was certainly a bucket list item.

If you share my desire to travel and to fulfill the dream of having an RV, I will give you the benefit of some wisdom I received at an early age. I used to hear this multiple times each day in assembly before class when I was in school.  I heard it a few thousand times over those years and it took me even more years for the truth of it to really sink in.  It’s simply this;  “YOU PAY FOR THE GOOD THINGS OF LIFE IN ADVANCE”.  This is true in our studies, relationships, finances, habits… just about anything.

If you have a dream, pursue it and don’t expect everyone you know (even those closest to you) to be excited about it.  You have to follow your own dream.  Prepare yourself now and remember, you pay for the good things of life in advance.

Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!