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MLB Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew Meet & Greet at Macon Braves Game

Many years ago now, I recall hearing that MLB Hall of Fame player Harmon Killebrew would throw out the first pitch at the Macon Braves baseball game. At the time, the Macon Braves were the Single ‘A’ affiliate of the Atlanta Braves and their games were played at historic Luther Williams Field in Macon. That’s one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the nation. I had long admired Harmon Killebrew so I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

Harmon Killebrew_01

Harmon Killebrew Meet & Greet – Macon Braves Game

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San Antonio Texas 2005 After Katrina

San Antonio 2005 Alamo 03

Tbuzzard in front of the Alamo in San Antonio Texas 2005.

As we approach the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that made landfall on the gulf coast on August 29, 2005, I am reminded of the gulf coast as I once knew it. I visited the Mobile, Biloxi, Gulfport & New Orleans areas many times before that fateful day. Continue reading

Columbus Ga. CSS Jackson Civil War Ironclad



Recently while reading a Woodalls RV travel guide during my lunch hour I decided to look through the section with all the attractions & campgrounds in Georgia. When I looked at Columbus Ga, I wasn’t surprised at all that the National Civil War Naval Museum was listed but I was astounded that they didn’t mention what I consider to be the main attraction. The CSS Jackson Civil War Ironclad ship is really something to behold in person. The Woodalls ad mentioned the Water Witch which is very cool as well, but I like the ironclad. Continue reading

Montgomery Zoo – Tigers Pygmy Hippo Peacock

Montgomery Zoo SignI am a wildlife enthusiast and I love visiting various zoos as I travel. I have been a member of Zoo Atlanta on and off for a few years, but my favorite zoo to visit is not in my home state. My favorite is the Montgomery Zoo in Montgomery, Alabama.  It’s a wonderful zoo. It’s on level terrain for the most part and a delight for young and old. Continue reading

RV Shopping Part 5


Part 5


While a functional kitchen is a given if you enjoy meal preparation, some things may not jump out at you at first.  Everyone will have their own preferences about the type of cooktop they want.  Do you want a propane cooktop and if so how many burners do you prefer?  Most units have two or three.   Some propane cooktops will have a flush mounted cover (similar to most sinks) thereby increasing your workspace for food prep prior to cooking.  Some models don’t have that and the limited counter space can make the cooktop seem to be in the way at times. Continue reading

RV Shopping Part 4


Part 4


Of all the considerations for an RV purchase, an ergonomic workspace appears to be the largest obstacle for me personally when it comes to new RVs. There are a few that have a little pull-out tray in the dinette hutch where you can place your keyboard. Some have a cabinet underneath where you can put a CPU and/or printer. It has been my experience that CPUs need ventilation and the life cycle of the computer and some peripherals may be diminished without it. I want a dedicated workspace. Continue reading

RV Shopping Part 3


Part 3


Some RV models regardless of class invite you to develop a crick in your neck to view the television. I can only imagine the contortions the engineers think we are willing to endure to do our binge watching on television. I really like the models with a televator that brings the tv up and down behind one of the sofas or the dining table. Newmar does this a good bit. It is sometimes paired with a fireplace, which is also a nice touch. Alas, I would prefer an ergonomic workspace. I don’t want to use the dining table for my work. Continue reading

RV Shopping Part 2


This is the second of five parts of my RV Shopping post.



Some living areas in various RVs seem spacious at the expense of the bathroom.  Some half baths hardly seem worth the space they take up.  I am not a fan of the pivot doors.  You could say I haven’t missed many meals so when I see the pivot doors, I just say to myself…. “Yeah, right!”  Many motorhomes have a large rear bath.  The mid coach bathrooms seem to have an  efficient use of space, since the hallway becomes extra square footage for the room when you close off the doors on both ends. Continue reading