As part of me pursuing the RV dream, my love of travel, sports & zoos, I want to share some of my favorite links with you.



Chris & Cherie of TechnomadiaChris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard make up Technomadia. They are tech nomads and a great go-to source for the nomadic lifestyle. They are considered by many the definitive source for information relating to mobile connectivity while living on the road full time. Chris & Cherie are the authors of the Mobile Internet Handbook. Please visit their blog at Technomadia .¬† They also have a YouTube channel that’s worth a subscription. For all things RV, they are some of the true rock stars.



rvgeeks-logo-2014-400x194-transThe RVgeeks is made up of Peter & John and what they don’t know about rv maintenance may not be worth knowing. They are a wealth of knowledge. They are only too happy to share it with the rv community which is a vital asset. The things they teach so effectively could actually save lives. Their videos are top notch and well thought out. I especially enjoy their videos on how to drive an RV safely. Every RVer should be made to watch those videos before they get behind the wheel. Check out their blog at TheRVgeeks.